Blue Planet II


Guess what is coming to our TV screens very soon? Sir David Attenborough has done it again with an amazing underwater series called the Blue Planet II.

Its safe to say that if you love your aquarium you will love this TV series and if you haven't already seen the first series then you are missing out. Some of the images and shots they managed to capture in the first series were simply amazing and with the advances in technology the second series should be out of this world.


I know this post isn't exactly our normal type but I personally enjoyed this show and learned a lot from it when I was younger. It give us the chance to see how the critters in our tanks live in their natural habitat. As its high on my list to see I figured some of you out there would enjoy it too. I personally have been told off many times from shouting out;

"You see that fish, you see that fish, I have one in my aquarium!"

or telling everyone what the fish on the TV is and some random facts about it. I can't be the only one who does this? right? I mean I already did it when I watched the short clip below;



The seven part series will be airing later this year and i'm sure it will bring with it some amazing footage. As I said before, if you are part of this hobby you will most likely enjoy watching the Blue Planet II. So grab you self some popcorn, look out for the fish in your aquarium and i'm sure you will be blown away by some amazing footage that shows just how blue our planet really is.