My Mistake, No. 3

My Mistake No. 3 – Evaporation!!     When I first started out I had so many worries and concerns. I was monitoring many parameters and was always thinking about something that could go wrong. Is my lighting OK? Is my skimmer working properly? etc.   While testing my parameters one in particular was a […]


Let There be Flow!   Everyone who owns a fish tank knows that you need a light, some sort of filter and a heater/chiller. These are some of the most common things needed in an aquarium and most beginners already know they need these three aspects. I mean its common sense right?   But what […]

Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmer   When I first started off with my saltwater aquarium I had no idea what a Protein Skimmer even was. I came form a freshwater aquarium so I knew the basic need for filtration but never heard of a skimmer. The ‘not knowing’ was a huge set back for me. I didn’t know […]

Before You Find Nemo and Dory – Dive into this First!

Finding Nemo and Dory isn’t Like the Movie   So you have seen Finding Nemo, Dory and fell in love. Which makes sense as these films were fantastic in the way they brought to life a coral reef. All the bright fish, colors and movement were simply an amazing sight. So why wouldn’t you want […]

LEGO – Lets Play!

Using LEGO in your Sump!   I know, i know, it sounds crazy. But just give me a moment to explain what I mean. Like many of us our sumps are essential for the health of our marine aquarium but for the average Joe cutting and sealing glass in place just isn’t a realistic option. […]

Chaeto Reactor, What A Great Idea!

Algae Reactor As everyone knows it takes a lot of equipment to support our underwater worlds and to keep a happy reef. Choosing the right equipment for your system can make or break your aquarium. One I highly recommend is a refugium but the major drawback of this is the space it takes up in […]

Just Sump It!

Don’t Go Without A Sump   This is a short one but its all about the sump. The sump is simply a tank that is linked to your main display tank where you keep all of that nasty filtration hidden out of sight. That been said some people like to see the inner workings of […]