Bare Bottom or Substrate?

  Bare Bottom or Substrate? That is the Question!   Every saltwater aquarium is different and personal to the creator. As a result of this we have a vast range and styles of aquariums that all look unique. Some people go for a more natural appearance where as others aim for a simplistic look. What […]

Bloody Aiptasia !

  Getting Rid of Aiptasia   Most people within the hobby at some point in time will experience the dreaded anemone that is, Aiptasia. They are an unsightly pest that we simply do not wish to have in our aquarium. If you, like myself and many of others, have found one or two of these […]

Clean Up Crew for your Aquarium

Critters for that Clean Up Crew!   Overtime uneaten food, waste and algae often build up in an aquarium and unless you are personally going to improve your maintenance schedule then I recommend you get some help to overcome these issues. This is where your clean up crew comes into action. When I say clean […]

Test Time! My All Time Favorite Test Kit!

My Personal Choice In Test Kits   When I started off in the aquarium hobby testing my water seemed pointless when my water looked so clean. Why would I want to spend money on a test kit when I could get a beautiful fish for the same price? Or even some coral? I had already […]

Before You Find Nemo and Dory – Dive into this First!

Finding Nemo and Dory isn’t Like the Movie   So you have seen Finding Nemo, Dory and fell in love. Which makes sense as these films were fantastic in the way they brought to life a coral reef. All the bright fish, colors and movement were simply an amazing sight. So why wouldn’t you want […]

3,2,1 – 3 Reasons Why 2nd-hand is number 1 for the Beginner

The Top 3 Reasons Why Buying A Second hand Aquarium is Ideal for the Beginner!   If you are new to the saltwater hobby it can seem daunting setting up your first aquarium. I remember searching across the vast internet checking out all these different types of aquariums and equipment and I just panicked as  […]

My Favourite First Fishy, and Why its a Great Fit!

Your First Fishy   So your tank is all set up. All your parameters are at a good level and your tank has been fully cycled. You have set your aqua scape over and over again until you are happy with it and now its finally time to get some fish in your system. But there […]

Green Fingers – Keeping a Refugium

Keeping a Successful Refugium   Remember those fresh water aquariums a lot of us started out with? And how many of use used live plants to help oxygenate the water and prevent nutrient levels getting out of control. Well its the same for a marine aquarium but its normally done in your sump tank rather […]

Live Rock Hitchhikers; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Live Rock Hitchhikers; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!   A great way to seed a newly set up marine tank and to speed up bacteria growth is through the use of live rock. Within this post you will find a detailed list of a range of critters that you may find growing on your […]