The Foxface   The Foxface is a truly bright and beautiful fish that is full of personality. This hardy fish does well in a newly set up aquarium making it ideal for the beginner. The Foxface can be housed in a range of aquariums providing they are big enough. They will do well in a […]

Picasso Trigger

The Picasso Trigger   Possibly one of the bonniest triggerfish is the Picasso Trigger. They have such a unique set of markings that truly are a work of art. They are a very active fish that loves nothing more than swimming in and out of crevices and caves. It will rearrange the landscaping and rocks […]

Niger Trigger

The Niger Trigger   A year or two ago I got my first trigger and it was a Niger Trigger. I loved it but my partner didn’t, so I loved it more!   Triggers are truly unique in the way they look and swim. They are a very active fish that loves to swim around […]

Six Line Wrasse

The Six Line Wrasse   This bright and active little fish has a lot of character for its size. They will stay close to the rock work and dart in and out of crevices and caves. They do a great job of keeping little critters at bay as they hunt for them on the rock […]


  The Hawkfish   As we sit and watch our aquarium on a daily basis the Hawkfish is the one that will be looking back at you. There are two common types of Hawkfish found within the home aquarium, the Longnose and the Flame. Both are relatively easy to care for and tend to be […]


The Dottyback   The Bi-color, the Orchid and the Purple Stripe dottyback are three very hardy fish that are great for the beginner. They are a relatively small fish and have striking coloration. They often include a combination of bright yellow and purple in a range of forms.     The Dottyback, no matter what […]

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish   The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish has to be my favorite of all the lionfish. They are simply beautiful and have so much character. Not normally recommended for the beginner as they are often difficult to feed but once feeding they make a great addition to any predator aquarium.   like all […]

Snowflake Eel

The Snowflake Eel   The Snowflake eel is one of the most vibrant and beautiful of all the kept eels. They will spend their days move throughout the rock work, hiding in caves and searching for food. Eels are predators by nature and will eat and hunt down smaller fish. As a result of this […]

Damsel Fish

The Damsel Fish   The damsels are a very hardy and common fish found within the hobby. They tend to be the popular choice for the beginner as they are hardy and relatively low in price. This is often a mistake as they grow into aggressive adults. As always mistakes and errors occur when people […]

Neon Goby

The Neon Goby   The Neon Goby is known for its small size and its beautifully bright neon stripe that runs down both sides of its body. This light is often bright blue or yellow. The Neon Goby is a very hardy fish and because of its small size, it makes a great addition to […]