The Clownfish

Say hello to Nemo. The marine aquariums all stars mvp. The clownfish is possibly the most common and well know fish within the hobby. Since the film Finding Nemo there has been a huge increase in the sale of clownfish as everyone rushes to get their very own Nemo. Here is a little bit of information on how to keep these beautiful creatures happy and alive.


Lets learn a little more…




These days there are several types of clownfish that all range in size, shape and color. Much like the domestic dog they have been breed to produce some amazing morphs and colorations. They all may look different but their needs remain similar across types.

In terms of price they are reasonable for a marine fish. Partly due to how common they are (as most LFS will stock clowns) and how easy they are to breed within an aquarium.

I have always kept clowns in pairs as do many reefers. Larger tanks can house more clowns providing there is plenty of space as some may pair off form the group.



Tank Size

30 gallons is recommended. although keeping a pair in a nano aquarium seems to be the norm. I suggest as long as you don’t over populate the aquarium and there is enough swimming space a smaller tank will be just fine.

These guys do well in a communal tank or a nano aquarium.


Care Level

Easy – ideal for beginners. As long as all your parameters are stable you should have no issues with clownfish.



Peaceful fish, does well in a communal tank. The only time I have ever seen aggression is when a pair goes off and hosts an object. They can become territorial towards this area and attack other fish that get to close. This is normally fin nipping or intimidation and nothing to really worry about unless you have other clowns in the same aquarium.


Reef safe

Yes. Kept many over the years and I have never had a problem with keeping clowns and coral.


Max Size

3 inches.



These fish come in many colors ranging from black and white, orange and black and mainly white. My favorite is the common clown. simple and beautiful. Its up to you and your preference as to which morph you get.



Omnivore. Flake, pellet and frozen foods will work well. I have never had an issue in getting a clown to feed.



Clowns have been bred in many home aquariums across the world. All clowns start off as male. It is the dominant male that will turn into a female. females are bigger than the male and it is clear to see when they are paired off.

They will find a quiet spot to lay their eggs and can become quite aggressive when guarding them. If you want to breed clowns you will need a separate nursery tank to raise the fry.