The Damsel Fish


The damsels are a very hardy and common fish found within the hobby. They tend to be the popular choice for the beginner as they are hardy and relatively low in price. This is often a mistake as they grow into aggressive adults. As always mistakes and errors occur when people buy without doing their homework.



Some types are generally considered less aggressive than others. From my experience the yellow tail is one of the more placid damsels. Although I have heard stories of damsels been aggressive no matter the type.

In a big enough aquarium they can live a peaceful life providing the aquarium is lightly stocked with larger tank mates.



Tank Size

30 gallons minimum.


Care Level

Easy – The damsel fish are a very hardy group of fish. As a result of this they tend to be the beginners choice.



Semi Aggressive – Aggressive – The damsel fish are relatively peaceful at a young age but as they grow they become very territorial and aggressive to both its own kind and other fish. Some people have never had a problem with their damsels and others wish they never got them in the first place.

I do not recommend this fish for the beginner as they are notoriously aggressive and many end up regretting the purchase.


Reef Safe



Max Size

Depending on what type you have depends on what size. The smallest up to 2 inches and the largest up to 6 inches.




Yellow Tail 

A bright blue body with a yellow tail.



Three/ Four stripe  

A white base body with three or four black vertical stripes.




A bright electric blue from head to tail.



Half Blue

A bright upper blue body and a yellow base and tail.




A dark black base color with bright white dots across its body.




Omnivorous – The damsel fish regardless of type will tend to eat most types of foods. That includes flake, pellet, live and frozen foods.