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It must be noted that I will never recommend or endorse a product/ service that I would not or have not tried myself. This is how I share these products from within my site...


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Amazon offers a small commission on products sold through their affiliate links. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU PAY EXTRA FOR PRODUTS. The products I recommend are the same price as if you searched them for yourself on amazon. When you click on these links, and purchase a product within 24 hours we receive a small percentage of the sale.

These links are not pay per click, which means we don’t get anything if you click on a link. I receive a small commission on every item you purchase through one of the links on this site. Simply put, you help support my aim of helping others within this beautiful hobby at no extra cost to yourself.


Any family member or friend that uses amazon, uses these links simply to support my aim of helping others enter the marine hobby to no extra cost.

As I stated above I will never recommend a product that I don't trust in or would use myself. I simply recommend them as they have been successful with me and my tanks and may help you out with yours. That been said, I highly recommend doing your own research before you make any purchase to ensure it is what would work best in your situation. As after all, each of our systems is a unique underwater world.