The Dottyback


The Bi-color, the Orchid and the Purple Stripe dottyback are three very hardy fish that are great for the beginner. They are a relatively small fish and have striking coloration. They often include a combination of bright yellow and purple in a range of forms.



The Dottyback, no matter what type is a tough little fish and they will not be intimidated by other thank mates even if out sized. They will often claim a crevice or cave within the rock scape and as a result of this they will become territorial and defend their home. It is the combination of their territorial behavior and their tough nature that they are considered semi-aggressive in a communal tank.

Dispite their defensive nature they do work well in a communal tank. They do not seek out other fish to attack them, they simply defend their homes.



Tank Size

30 gallon


Care Level

Easy – the dottybacks are known for been a hardy and tough little fish.



Semi-aggressive – The Purple stripe dottyback tends to be slightly more aggressive than others.


Reef Safe



Max Size

3 inches




Bicolor Dottyback



Orchid Dottyback



Purple Strip Dottyback



It will eat ornamental shrimp and is a predator of bristle worms.

The diet should consist of meaty foods including brine shrimp and prepared frozen foods.