One of the biggest problems people face when starting up their aquarium is, what equipment do I need?


Most know you need to control the temperature with a chiller or heater but what else?

What is a "Protein Skimmer" or a "reactor"? and what the hell is a refugium?


Questions on the topic of 'equipment' are probably the most common ones I get asked and rightly so as it is what keeps the whole underwater ecosystem alive and stable.

So knowing what equipment to get and why you will need it is a must.


One this page we will show you a range of equipment and cover details such as;


  • What it is?
  • What it does?
  • Why its useful/needed in the aquarium?
  • What type I have used in the past?


We were all once a beginner and had no idea of what it took to run a saltwater aquarium. Personally, my biggest issue was not what equipment I needed (as most sites and pages state what equipment you will need) it was not knowing what that equipment did, why I needed it and how I set it up in my aquarium. 


So as with everything on this site, simply click on the image below to find the information about that piece of equipment.