The Foxface


The Foxface is a truly bright and beautiful fish that is full of personality. This hardy fish does well in a newly set up aquarium making it ideal for the beginner.

The Foxface can be housed in a range of aquariums providing they are big enough. They will do well in a reef aquarium if well fed and will be left alone by predators due to their venomous dorsal fin. This makes the Foxface a very popular fish.


They are a relatively peaceful fish for the most part except when housed together with another Rabbitfish (the foxfish is part of the rabbit fish family) as they show aggression towards each other.




Tank Size

125 gallons


Care Level




Peaceful. However each individual has its own temperament and some have been known to be aggressive towards smaller tank mates. This does not happen all the time but it is something to consider.


Max Size

9 inches


Reef Safe

With Caution – if hungry they may nibble on corals



It has a mottled yellow-brown body with a dark chest. The face is very light in color and speckled on the lower half



The Foxface will eat a variety of fresh vegetables and undesirable species of algae. It does nip and possibly eat some soft and hard coral polyps from time to time.

In the home aquarium they often take frozen foods, flake and pellets.