The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish


The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish has to be my favorite of all the lionfish. They are simply beautiful and have so much character. Not normally recommended for the beginner as they are often difficult to feed but once feeding they make a great addition to any predator aquarium.


like all lionfish they have venomous spines in their dorsal fin that they use to protect themselves if they feel threatened.  This sting is similar to that of a bee so when you have your hands in your aquarium and are feeding show caution.



Tank Size

50 gallons


Care Level

Moderate – They can be difficult to get feed and need stable parameters.



Semi – aggressive – They may look cute and small but they are still a predator. If it fits in their mouth they will eat it. Or should I say if they think it fits in their mouth they will try to eat it.


Reef Safe

With Caution is the recommended answer but I have never had an issue with my dwarf lions and corals. I think they are labeled ‘with caution’ simply because they will eat invertebrates and small fish that are normally found within a reef tank.


Max Size

7 inches



These are one of the brightest types of lions. They have a basic body design regarding color layout but the color itself can range from a deep red to a bright yellow.



The Dwarf Lion can be hard work to feed. To begin with I suggest you use live feeder shrimps and slowly move over to frozen foods. I have had two in the past and they both took frozen foods within a few days and they lived for years. The use of frozen meaty foods is ideal such an clams and shrimp.

Their eyes are bigger than their bellies so make sure you do not over feed.