Green Chromis


The best starter fish I can think of is the Green Chromis. They do best in a small shoal and they tend to stick in the shoal formation within the aquarium unlike many other shoaling fish. They are easy to care for, peaceful and beautiful. So its no surprise that they are one of the more popular fish found within the home aquarium. They are also a personal favorite of mine and over the years I have had a shoal or two.



The Green Chromis is the ideal first fish to put in your aquarium. They are an inexpensive, hardy fish that can tolerate the harsh condition a newly set up tank may have to offer. Read this if you don’t believe me!



Tank Size

As with most small fish the minimum tank size is around 30 gallons. As I have stated in the past many reefers keep 2-3 chromis in a slightly smaller nano and they do just fine. As long as you don’t over stock your aquarium and their is plenty of swimming space a small shoal will do just fine in your average nano aquarium.

However a large shoal looks amazing and if you have the tank size I fully recommend getting a few of these.


Care Level

Easy – Some of the individuals I have had have been timid at first. Once I got a shoal of around 5 they all seemed to settle. They can be kept in a shoal of 3, but I recommend you go with a minimum of 5.



Peaceful – The Chromis is possibly the most peaceful fish I have ever had.


Reef Safe

Yes – I have always kept chromis in a reef tank just like many other reefers.


Max Size

4 inches



Blue/green coloration that shines as they swim. Depending on their mood depends on their color.



Omnivorous – They will eat a range of foods from flake and pellet to live and frozen fleshy foods.



Nope, just nope. Not for a beginner.