The Hawkfish


As we sit and watch our aquarium on a daily basis the Hawkfish is the one that will be looking back at you. There are two common types of Hawkfish found within the home aquarium, the Longnose and the Flame. Both are relatively easy to care for and tend to be hardy fish. They will however prey on small inverts is given the chance. However as long as you inverts are of good size they should be fine.



Both the Longnose and Hawkfish can spend most of their day perched somewhere watching the world go by. They are very interesting fish with personalities to match.

Most LFS will stock these fish and they make a great addition to the reef aquarium.



Tank Size

30 gallons minimum


Care Level




Semi Aggressive – they can become territorial towards other Hawkfish and may prey on small fish or inverts if given the chance.


Max Size

Flame Hawkfish – 4 inches

Longnose Hawkfish – 5 inches


Reef Safe

With Caution – They won’t eat corals but may damage them as they perch on the rock or sand bed.




Flame Hawkfish




Longnose Hawkfish





Both the Longnose and Flame will need a mixed diet of meaty foods. This can be in the form of live feeder shrimp or frozen fleshy foods.