KitKat’s Reef


May I introduce you to Catherine Wellend.

Aka – Cat or KitKat

Check this reefer out on Instagram – @Takeabreakhaveakitkat_

(Do you see what she did there, Touch’e)



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Since reef-fin has been up and running on Instagram we have followed Cat and her reef. She has regular tank updates and is an all round awesome reefer.

There are some beautiful photography skills on her Instagram so get to following!


Now the best thing about Cat is…

She has practically written this whole article on her own!


So I shall stop talking and hand you over to Cat!



Hello Everyone!


Meet my little slice of the ocean, or as I call it ‘Kitkat’s reef dream’ as it really is just that. Its my dream tank.


I run a Red Sea Reefer 350. The display tank holds 73 gallons and the sump holds 18. I added a baffle to the sump to create room for growing cheato.



Coral wise its mainly softies and LPS but I do have a few frags of SPS, I personally love the contrast of flowing LPS against the strong structure of the SPS.


If I had to pick a coral that was my favorite it would be my sun coral. Not just because of its obvious beauty but because I love the challenge of keeping them, the sense of achievement makes that bit of extra work all worth it.


Now, the fish that grabs the attention of visitors (besides the usual ‘Oh look, I found Nemo’ comments) is my flame hawk with his superhero type looks. I mean you can easily see why! Right?



This hobby can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. I started with a 63 litre nano tank complete with an old school wooden air block driven skimmer. It was such a simple set up yet still very beautiful.



Hints and Tips


#1 Interact with other reefers on social media. For me it has been an amazing tool to learn and share knowledge and ideas with other reefers. People within this hobby are some of the nicest I have ever come across and are willing to help anyone at a moments notice. Remember, we were once all beginners!


#2 Research. I still do this every day, we will never know everything!


#3 Test your water. It is so important to know your parameters. If something is out you can work on rectifying it before any problems arise. I use Aquamarine to log my results, the graph helps me to easily see any peaks or declines.



So there we have it folks!


A beautiful and well kept reef tank. Cat, you have created a master piece that is full of natural beauty. It takes hard work, a lot of love and special equipment to maintain a tank of this standard.


What equipment I hear you ask… well…






Jacod DCP 6500 Return Pump

Jecod SW-8’s Wavemaker

Nyos Quantum skimmer

A.I Hydra 26hd’s lighting

Phosphate reactor – TMC Reef – Filter 100

Refugium Light – Plant grow light






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