My Mistakes Over the Years


The saltwater aquarium hobby isn’t for everyone. It has its fair share of challenges and most of the time there is no short cut or quick fix. But if you stick it out the rewards are unbelievable. There is nothing more beautiful or rewarding than creating an underwater reef in your very own home. Now most people react the end goal by trial and error, just like I did. Its not efficient, it costs money and time and its disheartening as you make mistake after mistake. As a result of this many don’t see past their first year in the hobby.


But their is another way…


I made mistake after mistake when I first started out in the hobby. I was seeking advice and doing plenty of research but I was still making mistakes. I started to believe I wasn’t cut out to keep a saltwater aquarium. But with a lot of time and persistence I started to find it easier. I was able to fix many problems and I wasn’t making the same mistakes. I started to enjoy the hobby again.


Soon after a close friend of mine wanted to set up his own saltwater aquarium. Just like most of us he started to make mistakes. Most of the errors he made where the same mistakes I once made. So I was able to help him out and explained what I did and how I overcome it. A week or two later he popped up with another question. Another mistakes that I also made! and so on and so on…

Which gave me this idea…



# My Mistakes Explained!


Over the course of this blog I will be uploading little posts on each of my many mistakes. These posts will give you a chance (just like my friend) to learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them yourselves.


Within these posts I will


  • Explain what the mistake was,
  • What occurred as a result of this mistake,
  • How I overcome it, and
  • How you can Avoid it!


There will be a lot of posts, as there was a lot of mistakes.

The aim of these posts is to try to help the average person avoid the same mistakes that I made.


The overall aim of this site is to encourage more people into the hobby. As many leave this hobby early on as they make to many mistakes, it kind of makes sense.


So lets begin…


My first mistake was made well before I got into the saltwater aquarium hobby.


For years I wanted to have my own saltwater aquarium but kept putting it off. The stories I heard were that the hobby was only for the rich and experienced. Which couldn’t be less true. But as a young fish fanatic I was nervous about starting off. Until one day I found a nice second hand aquarium and simply went for it. Safe to say I have never looked back.

Mistake number 1 was simply waiting to long and worrying if I could do it. My advice is go for it, you don’t know what it will be like until you dive into it. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to do plenty of research on the topic of keeping a marine aquarium. But don’t put it off if all that is stopping you is worry.


Its a simple mistake that set me back years. It was also the first mistake in a long line of mistakes, as you will come to realize and hopefully benefit from knowing.


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