Using LEGO in your Sump!


I know, i know, it sounds crazy. But just give me a moment to explain what I mean. Like many of us our sumps are essential for the health of our marine aquarium but for the average Joe cutting and sealing glass in place just isn’t a realistic option. But what if you could build your own walls in your sump and control how big or small each section was? To have total control over your sump design with ease?



Well I give you LEGO!

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this as I have yet to do it, this is me more putting the idea out there to see what everyone else thinks?


# Why LEGO?


One of the biggest problems with my sump is lack of options.

I run a nano tank and space is valuable. As I added new filtration I found it difficult to fit everything in. I mean, I have the space but not in the right sections. So I thought about cutting the sections of glass out of my sump and moving them to the places that best suited my set up.


The only problem was I am not confident with cutting and sealing aspects of my sump (glass), as many people out there will be. So as I was chatting away to myself (something I seem to do more and more as I get older) I though about building walls out of some plastic sheets I had lying around, using a reef safe glue/gel to keep them in place. Well long story short, it ended with the idea of using LEGO.



# How it will work


So, i am guessing everyone out there knows what LEGO is and has probably stood on many of these deadly hazards. By simply building walls out of LEGO in your sump you can design the sump to exactly how you want it. All you need to do is use a reef safe glue to keep the wall in place. you can;


  • Choose how many sections your sump has,
  • Decide how big or small each section is,
  • Control the water level by building bigger or smaller walls, And
  • Control the flow by leaving bricks out like windows or create a ‘castle wall look’ so only a certain amount of water passes over,
  • Use it as a raised shelf or a structure in your tank/sump.
  • Not to mention it could give your sump a really cool retro look.



# Is LEGO Reef Safe


In short yes.

LEGO is made out of a hard plastic that is designed to be durable, strong and safe. LEGO is primarily designed for kids of a young age so their products have had to go through extensive testing to ensure it is safe. One of the health and safety aspects of LEGO is to ensure it is none toxic, so if young children swallow parts the part wont breakdown. As a result of this, LEGO can be placed into the aquarium environment.



Not convinced?

Well what is your Skimmer made out of? Your reactor chamber? Your power heads and your pumps?

And what is LEGO made out of?


Its all hard plastic that is non toxic and doesn’t leech into your tank. Many people already use LEGO within their aquariums, vivariums and/or terrarium and have done for years and some probably already use LEGO within their sumps in the same way I am talking about.



# Your Thoughts?


In conclusion I personally think this could be a great way to have total control over changing around your sump with ease and no mess. But only concern is space (LEGO pieces are wider than a glass sheet) as building many LEGO walls will take up some tank space.

But like I stated earlier, I am simply putting this idea out there to see what everyone else thinks on the matter. For some it could be the ideal solution to creating a personal sump, where as others simply wont like or have a need for the idea.

So get in touch, let me know what you think on the matter and if you like/dislike the idea? and why?


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