Before we start I know you can get all of this information from a simple google search but for many of us that are learning, finding all this conflicting information often becomes a problem. All these scientific terms and aquatic terminology can often lead to confusion. Here I simply want to show you a range of livestock that you can keep within your aquarium.


# TIP - When we say 'reef safe' or 'not reef safe' this is a generalization for the species. Each individual fish has a different personality and therefore acts different in the aquarium. For example some reefers successful keep puffers in a communal reef tank with no problem and others will eat all and any inverts and pick at corals. Within this hobby there is no 'one rule fits all' and as a beginner I am sure you will soon come to realize this. 


So lets begin...


The first rule to picking livestock is doing your research!

Each type of tank is different and this determines what livestock you can keep.


For example, you cant' keep a huge lion fish in a nano aquarium and keeping small shoaling fish within a predator tank isn't going to end well. This is where I hope this page comes in handy.


As we focus on the beginner here at reef-fin we will stick to the livestock that is the easiest to care for within an aquarium. Its recommended by many that you should start off with a fish from this list. Once you can keep them healthy and happy then you can move onto other, more sensitive, types of fish.


Simply scroll down the page until you find the type of fish you desire!