Don’t Go Without A Sump


This is a short one but its all about the sump. The sump is simply a tank that is linked to your main display tank where you keep all of that nasty filtration hidden out of sight. That been said some people like to see the inner workings of their tank and keep the sump on display. But, I’m assuming you are like me and would prefer all that equipment to be hidden away within the stand of your tank.



Well what ever tank you decide you want I fully recommend that you get a sumped tank as it makes life so much easier.

There are so many reasons why a sump tank is ideal, but I’m only going to list the ones that I personally have found has made my life that much easier;



#1 A Place for that Equipment


There is nothing more annoying than looking at your beautiful, natural aquarium where your fish are swimming and going about their daily lives and you see a huge black filter or heater spoiling the view. One of my tanks had all my equipment within my display tank and it looked cluttered. It took up space where I wanted corals and wasn’t the look I had in mind. It bugged me for weeks until I finally got a sump. FINALLY my tank was clear of equipment and had the natural look I was aiming for.



#2 Its Easy


Having a sump makes getting to your equipment for maintenance so much easier. There are no fish or corals in the way, no worry that you will injure a fish in the process or worry about knocking over your rock structure. It simply makes life easier. You also have easy access to the water within your aquarium for tests and water changes.



#3 More Water


It increases your water volume which is always ideal. More water normally means less hassle with your parameters and a tank capable of a higher bio load (aka. more fish).  In some cases it can double your aquariums water volume. I think my sump holds about 1/3 of my display tanks water volume.


Basically this post is simply to recommend you get a sumped tank, or at least think about it as it makes life so much easier. At times this hobby has its challenges and difficulties so anything you can do to make life easier I fully recommend you do it. Since I got my sump I have had vast improvement within my water quality and even as far as my reefs overall health.


If a sump is not for you, there are many other options out there from internal and external filters to canister filters. All these have their advantages and disadvantages. Its your tank, your aquarium and your decision. So as with anything in this hobby make sure you do your own homework and find out what is best for you. Based on trail and error I have found out a sump proves to be a valuable tool and I’m sure you will too.



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