My Mistake, No. 2


So as I stated at the beginning of this blog I will list and explain all the mistakes that I made on my first attempt at a reef aquarium.

You know the list we use to make as kids from the Argos catalog, well this list will be longer than that one! As I was a very inexperienced and impatient reefer when I first started.



Mistake No. 2 – Lack of Patients!



Its funny really. My first mistake was waiting to long to start the hobby and my second was not waiting long enough to fill it. Simply put, I didn’t let the tank fully cycle as I didn’t want to wait. So I added my first Clownfish far to early and guess what… it died. But I didn’t just stop there, I added more fish after that and more after that. I soon got fed up and my ‘hype’ for the hobby soon drifted away.


I knew what the problem was, as I spent hours researching what I was doing wrong.

I knew exactly what was wrong!

It was me!


Why I didn’t slow down and take my time I simply did not know. To be honest I still don’t no why I rushed into it as I knew fine well that the marine aquarium hobby is a patients mans/ women’s game. But like many beginners ‘I knew best’ and was going to do it my way no matter what advice I was given.



I will advise you to take it slow when starting off and allow your tank to mature over time. Don’t rush to add livestock straight away and when adding it do so at a steady pace.


Some of you will listen and take this crucial piece of advice on board… and… others won’t.

Some of you out there will be just as inpatient as I was and rush into it. You will experience all the problems I did. You will experience problems that are costly in both time and money. But eventually you will learn the hard way just like I did.



But I hoping this helps at least on of Reef-fin’s reefers and encourages them to be patient.

Trust me, Rome wasn’t built in a day!