My Little Drop of the Ocean


So seen as I run a marine aquarium blog and give advice to others I kinda feel the need to share my aquarium with you all. so here we go!

About a year ago I took some time out of the hobby and sold off all my equipment, which I instantly regretted. So I went out and got myself a little nano aquarium around 6 months ago. I found it so much easier than setting up my first ever aquarium because of the knowledge I knew and found it so much more enjoyable than my first set up…


…and thus was born!



So the aquarium I got was the aqua one 120 liter nano. The tank holds around 120 liters and the sump holds around 40.

Its by far my favorite tank and still so young.


Sorry for the poor quality photos, I have yet to get a new camera.


# My Sump


So this is the life support section of my aquarium. Here you will find all the equipment that supports my little system. Its not the most advanced set up but it has never let me down yet and my water parameters are always stable. In my sump there is;


# A Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer – This thing is beautiful. Its the best skimmer I have ever had and is very well made. Its simple to clean and take apart making maintenance so easy. The best thing about this skimmer is the stuff it brings out of the water. I highly recommend this as my no. 1 skimmer.


# A reactor running carbon – I run this in reverse through the reactor to ensure the flow is low. Since running carbon I have notice that my water quality has improved as it looks so clean and clear.


# A heater – For obvious reasons.


# A return pump – Again…obvious reasons.


# A refugium – This is full of miracle mud, live rock and chaeto algae. I have never had a problem with nitrates or phosphates so it must be working well. I also find it does a good job of filtering the water and providing a home for pods. I also keep three mangrove seedlings just… well just because I can.


# Plant grow light – Since I have used this I have seen a huge increase in algae growth within my refugium.


# live rock – Simply because I didn’t want to get rid of it and it has seeded my newly setup aquarium well.


# Display Tank



Here I have a simple live rock set up that I attach my coral to and provides my fish and inverts with a hiding place. As its a young aquarium I have mainly frags of corals within my tank. These range from Soft, LPS and SPS corals and all are doing better than I expected.


I personally only buy frags for my system. As I have a nano I find its the best way for me to get a variety of coral.

I have an active clean up crew that includes hermits, boxing shrimp, pistol shrimp, a selection of snails and an urchin.

I have two common Clownfish, two Banggai Cardinals, two Skunk Clownfish and a Yellow Watchman Goby.



So there we have it, its not the biggest or the best but it is affordable on a minimum wage! Trust me! I do it after all!

I was going to wait until my frags grew into colonies and it was fully stocked in my new 5-6 foot aquarium. But to most people that is simply not affordable or doable in a busy home. So I figured I would share my journey as my nano aquarium grows and matures into a fully stocked system.


A marine aquarium that anyone can set up!


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