The Neon Goby


The Neon Goby is known for its small size and its beautifully bright neon stripe that runs down both sides of its body. This light is often bright blue or yellow. The Neon Goby is a very hardy fish and because of its small size, it makes a great addition to smaller nano reef aquariums.



I have seen a few nano aquariums that are mainly coral tanks. They tend to be to small for most reef fish but not for the Neon Goby. If you have a small coral tank and would like a fish or two then these guys are ideal for you.

Show caution if wish to house more than one in an aquarium as unless they are a mated pair they may show aggression towards each other.



Tank Size

10 gallon – These are one of the smaller gobies that do well in most nano set ups.


Care Level

Easy – The Neon Goby is considered a hardy fish that does well in a wide range of parameters. It is for this reason that they are ideal for the beginner.



Peaceful – Unless housed together in a small set up. They can often become territorial and aggressive if not a mated pair.


Reef Safe



Max Size

2 inches





Dark base color with a bright neon color running alone both sides of its body. This neon color is often bright blue or yellow.



Carnivorous – They will eat a wide range of fleshy foods. Due to their small size smaller pieces of food is ideal.



It is common for the Neon Goby to spawn in an aquarium, laying its eggs in a crevice or empty shell. Raising the fry is difficult and specialist equipment is needed.