Reef-fin’s Reef!


Hello everyone!

Meet my little drop of the ocean!


Its not much but I love my little nano aquarium (soon to be upgraded!)


I run an Aqua One Mini Reef 120 with a sump. It’s full of soft and LPS coral. In the past I have kept SPS but I’m a huge fan of the movement the soft and LPS corals have in flow.

I’m also a huge fan of how easy some soft corals are too keep. They are a great coral for the beginner and tend to do well in a wide range of parameters.



The Highs


My favorite piece in the aquarium has to be my acan and goni. garden. Not much to look at yet but they will grow! Both types of coral have so much color and have become a great addition to my reef. Im always on the look for new additions when I visit my local LFS.


  Im guessing my partners favorite thing in the tank is probably our ‘nemo’. The two common clownfish we have had for years.



Beginners beware!! This is one addictive hobby and you will soon be hooked! you will eat, sleep and think reef tanks. I started off with a tiny nano and instantly fell in love with the hobby.



The Lows


Over the years (especially the firsts year) I have made so many mistakes. I have put of doing water changes because I was lazy, I have over stocked a tank and at the beginner I didn’t take in to account water evaporation.

I personally think the mistake that cost me the most in time and money was the lack of water changes that I did. In the first year I did very few water changes. This was because I kept forgetting to do them… and… a little bit of laziness.

So it was no wonder my parameters spiked and livestock didn’t last long. I was the only one to blame. Its safe to say it was a harsh lesson learned.




Tip – The biggest tip I can offer a beginner is to take things slow and do your homework. Mistakes happen when you rush into adding coral or fish before the tank is ready. As a result of this livestock dies and people leave the hobby as they ‘can’t do it’.

They can do it, they just didn’t do their research and take things slow. Remember, slow and steady wins the race and Rome wasn’t built in a day. 





Mp10 Wavemaker

Marine DC pump


Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer

Refugium with a light

Full spectrum LED lighting

Doser (used as an auto top up)

Media Reactor (Carbon/ Phosphate remover)



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