The Royal Gramma


Another commonly seen fish in the home aquarium is the Royal Gramma. Native to the deep water reefs this relatively small fish adds a dash of bright color to the reef tank. Due to its small adult size it is ideal for the nano aquariums. The Royal Gramma has a bright purple to violet colored anterior contrasted by a vibrant yellow posterior.



Yet again I have seen this bright fish in almost every LFS I go into. They are truly a bright fish with a lot of personality that makes a great addition to any sized aquarium.

The Royal Gramma is not to be confused with the False Gramma (Royal Dottyback). They do look very similar but unlike the Royal Gramma the False Gramma isn’t as peaceful. However they do have some visual differences. For example the Royal Gramma has a dark ‘eye’ dot on its dorsal fin.


@comiquarium has designed a great image to help show the differences. Check it out below.




Tank Size

30 gallon minimum is the recommended size to house a royal gramma. However they can be kept in a slightly smaller nano providing the aquarium is lightly stocked.


Care Level

Easy – An ideal fish for the beginner.



The Royal Gramma is considered a peaceful addition to a communal aquarium.


Reef Safe



Max Size

3 inches



half purple and half yellow with a black dot on its dorsal fin. One of the bonniest fish you can get for a nano aquarium.



Since it is a carnivore, feed a varied diet of meaty fare, including marine fish, crustacean flesh, mysis shrimp, and quality frozen preparations.