My Mistake, No 4


I'm unsure if this was my 4th mistake but it was a very expensive one.

Picture my beautiful nano open top aquarium. The coral frags are growing and my fish are doing great.




(Can you guess where I'm going with this?)



One morning I woke up and decided I didn't like an open top aquarium anymore!

One of my clowns and the watchman goby decided to 'think outside the box' and spent the night on my carpet.


I had three fish in my tank and I was left with a lonely clown.

I mean, I still technically had three fish...

just two were dead...



So many things in our tanks can go wrong, so don't let this be one of them things for you. This is such an unnecessary mistake especially when it could all of been avoided!


This is where...

...come into action!


TopLids are a company run by Fabio Souza that produce custom made lids for the marine aquarium. Having a lid over your tank is not a new concept to the hobby. Top Lids have simply took this concept, and made it better!


TopLids are made from Lexan which is the same material used in bullet proof glass (so your fish will certainly feel safe!). It is extremely durable and resistant to extreme heat and pressure.


Now you don't need to get a custom made lid, a piece of glass will stop fish jumping out the tank...


But when we pay so much on coral, fish and equipment and create such a beautiful master piece its a shame when its the lid that makes your tank look unfinished.

(I would also point out that I have smashed far to many glass lids over the years)



I personally love the lids 'TopLids' make. They look so professional, sleek and are very discrete. It's the perfect way to finish off a reef tank!


I mean just look at that finish!



Their Lids will not only look amazing, but they will also keep your fish safe!

Its a win win in my opinion and I fully recommend this company and product.


But for me this is one of their best aspects... They are custom made to fit any aquarium!

TopLids have the ability to provide cut outs on your lid for lighting mounts, overflows, automatic feeders, over the top returns etc.

Just about everything you would need!


Big, small, long, lagoon etc... TopLids can cover them all!



If you are curious, interested or simply wish to learn a little more about their lids, then click on the buttons above to visit their social media accounts.

(Or if you you wish to speak to them personally, call 801 9206139)


Personally, after reading some of the reviews and looking through some of their photos I think I will be getting a TopLid lid for my own aquarium.


What a finish it will add to my reef!